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Adolescent Counselling


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At Calm Kids, we understand teens. We understand that although they seem to be pushing everyone away, what they really need is connection. They’re just unsure of how to ask for it.

The relationship between a young person and their therapist is critical to the healing process of therapy. At Calm Kids, we focus on creating a supportive, caring, trusting relationship with the young person. Adolescence is one of the most important stages of our development. During the adolescent years, young people face many psychological, emotional, physical, neurological and relationship changes whilst developing a sense of personal identity. Adolescence is often stereotyped as a difficult and challenging time; however, when we understand the brain and the process that it goes through during adolescence, it can help us provide a space for the young person to feel safe, develop a sense of self-worth, whilst exploring their internal and external worlds.

At Calm Kids, our adolescent counselling service is person-centred, with the young person being empowered to lead their therapy in the way that resonates best for them. They may choose to express themselves through art, movement, or talk therapy. They may wish to learn more about their changing brain and the science behind adolescence. They may have the desire to learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques to support them during challenging times. Our therapists work with the young person to create a unique experience designed to promote wellbeing and psychological flexibility.

“The essence of the person-centred approach is that the most important influence on the progress made in the counselling session is the relationship between the counsellor and the client”

Jennifer Kidd, 2006