Our Values


At Calm Kids, we believe that a genuine connection between child, family and therapist is the key to change. When a child or young person feels safe and connected, we know that this is where healing takes place.


Awareness is a prerequisite for change. Through awareness we can consciously live a life aligned with our values.


We encourage and support young people to develop a sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to guide their healing in a way that feels aligned with their values and needs.


We support each individual to explore the relevance of compassion and self-compassion through their connections with themselves and others.


Why Calm Kids?

Calm Kids: Counselling & Wellbeing Services is the result of my life’s work with children and adolescents. As an educator, school counsellor, and co-principal for 30 years, I realised that I was ill-prepared to meet the rising emotional and psychological needs of the students in our schools. In many societies around the world, the number of children and adolescents who are diagnosed with anxiety, depression and/or other psychological challenges is rising much faster than we are prepared for. Schools do not have the capacity to manage and support the growing number of children requiring psychological support.

I began to study counselling during the time that I was teaching in a school with a number of refugee students. Their stories and their pain broke my heart, and I knew that I needed more skills to be able to provide the support they needed.

During my studies, I became interested in a range of healing modalities that supported children’s overall development and wellbeing, including somatic work, yoga as therapy, play as therapy, Polyvagal Theory, and ACT Therapy, to name a few.

I began to realise that my true purpose in life was to help children and adolescents heal from their trauma and to help parents and educators shift the paradigm from a behaviour lens to a nervous system response lens, building calmer households and classrooms. Hence, Calm Kids was created.

We began in Bathurst, NSW, during COVID in 2020, and have now expanded to several locations with a growing team of highly skilled counsellors and wellbeing practitioners, who all hold similar values around holistic health and wellbeing for children.

Meet the Calm Kids team.

Why Counselling and not Psychology?

Sometimes I'm asked why I chose to study Counselling rather than Psychology. I did consider this decision in depth at the time however, for me, psychology comes more from a medical and cognitive perspective, often involving standardised assessments and diagnoses. Whilst I fully support and believe that this is an essential service, I was transitioning from the school system, which was becoming more and more standardised and, in my opinion, less child-centred to a career that felt more connected and personal.

I chose Counselling because I believe it is person-centred, where each child is seen as their own person rather than their diagnosis or label, where they feel heard and safe, and their healing journey can be uniquely tailored to suit their individual learning style.

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