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Calm Kids Daily Check-In for Children’s Wellbeing

This is a simple but effective resource to use daily (perfect for dinner conversation). Allowing our children the opportunity to share what’s going well for them, but also what they are feeling challenged by, in a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment, helps them to feel safe when expressing emotion. The safer we feel when expressing emotions means that we will do more of it, helping us to ‘let go’ of the things we may be holding onto, which can ultimately lead to nervous system dysregulation.

Immerse in A New Paradigm Shift in Education That Will Open Your Mind, Body, And Soul!

Danielle Hayes, Founder of Calm Kids, has joined an inspiring group of educators, psychologists, parents, youth, and visionaries to bring forth new kinds of evolutionary, heart-centered education. Perfect for conscious educators, parents, and change-makers who care about co-creating with future generations of children.

This book will open a new dimension of possibilities for professional and inner growth. Get your copy now and get started today.

Here are some of the teachings you’ll find inside this book:

  • Access a New Level of Thinking: What if you could teach your children or your students how to tap into their highest intelligence to create the world that their hearts desire?
  • Imagine a World Where Hearts are Educated as Much as Minds. Embody holistic education to support children’s growth, happiness, and intelligence.
  • Access a New Paradigm of Youth. Learn key components that explore life itself as the curriculum and create success measured only by one’s uniqueness.
  • Opening The Portal of Potential. Find your hidden tools, skills, and abilities to regenerate your energy, and in turn, support children in using their intuition.
  • Connecting to Nature Through Food in Education. Open your connection to nature and learn practical ways to grow food with children.


Calm Kids Rainbow Breathing

Teaching our children strategies to slow their nervous system when they are feeling overwhelmed or anxious is crucial in supporting the development of emotional self-regulation.