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Children's Yoga


• Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
• Bathurst, NSW

Children’s yoga provides a foundation for developing strong, healthy bodies and flexible minds. Through movement and awareness, children have the opportunity to increase their sense of self, develop skills in emotional self-regulation, and improve body awareness and connection (interoception). These skills are essential for creating confident learners who have the ability to focus their attention when and where it is needed.

At Calm Kids, we have children’s yoga instructors who create fun and engaging yoga sessions for Child-Care Centres, Preschools and school settings.

6 Week Wellbeing Group for Teen Girls

A group to empower teenage girls to build resilience, navigate tricky situations and become confident in their authentic selves.

We will utilise techniques such as:

  • Yoga/Somatic Movement
  • Mindfulness
  • Grounding and breathing exercises
  • Congitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Journalling
  • Group discussion

Date of our next teen wellbeing group to be announced soon.

If you're interested in booking a yoga class or the Wellbeing Group for Girls please call 0475 293 027 or email admin@calmkidswellbeing.com.au

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