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Children's Counselling


• Adelaide
• Randwick

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At Calm Kids, we use play therapy for all children under 6 years of age. Play-based therapy is a powerful way to allow children the time and space to express their needs. Labelling emotions is a language-based skill that takes time and experience to develop. Using toys and play is a wonderful way to engage children in sharing what they are thinking and feeling when their language skills are still developing. In play-based therapy, the toys that a child chooses and how they use these toys can provide insight into what a child is experiencing internally and emotionally.

For children between the ages of 6 and 11 years, we use a uniquely tailored combination of play-based therapy, movement therapy (interoception, yoga), mindfulness techniques, art and craft, and psychoeducation (teaching children specifically about their brains and nervous systems, and exploring how we respond to challenging situations). Most importantly, we provide a safe and connected environment for your child to explore what is challenging them and to help them develop a personal sense of wellbeing.

“Toys are children’s words, and play is their language”

Garry Landreth