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Our Services

At Calm Kids, we see each child, adolescent and parent as their own unique self. We provide a safe, connected environment in which to heal. Each of us has different needs when it comes to managing anxiety or depression, healing past or present trauma, and managing big emotions or unhelpful thoughts.

In holistic counselling, we focus less on the label or diagnosis and more on the individual’s nervous system regulation. A child’s internal world will be communicated by them through their behaviour. Often, as adults, we try to manage the behaviour, not fully understanding what is happening beyond the behaviour. If a nervous system is dysregulated, it is almost impossible for a child to access the frontal areas of the brain - the areas that are required for rational, logical thinking, planning and decision-making. Behaviours are often misinterpreted as erratic or ‘out of control’.

At Calm Kids, we work from the ‘bottom-up’ - through the body and base of the brain and into the thinking parts of the brain, helping a child to understand their nervous system and develop healthy, self-compassionate ways of managing big emotions and healing trauma. We empower children to develop their own sense of wellbeing, by building new neural pathways in the brain to establish a ‘baseline’ of calm and confidence that they become familiar with and access at any time.


Our Calm Kids approach can support your child if they are experiencing the following:

  • anxiety/anxious thoughts
  • depression/prolonged sadness
  • emotional regulation challenges
  • anger management challenges
  • social challenges
  • learning challenges
  • family breakdown
  • challenges with transitions
    • starting school/high school or changing schools
    • changes in family dynamics including a new baby, new partner, blended family
    • moving to a new town/state/country
  • children experiencing challenges with diagnoses such as ADHD/ASD/ODD
  • grief and loss
  • eating disorders
  • obsessive behaviours
  • separation anxiety
  • shyness
  • sibling rivalry